Advanced Gesture Guide



1) Start off slow. After you've equipped your glove and both the glove and drone are turned on, point your hand at the drone and hold the finger button while guiding your hand up for lift off.

2) Do not attempt any crazy tricks until you've practiced with the drone for a few minutes and have the hang of it.

3) Do not swing your hand wildly; Gently guide the drone around.

4) Start inside, in a room with a lot of space.

5) To land, gently guide the drone to a still-hover and press the finger button. It will turn off and automatically land.


1) Keep practicing to get the movements down.

2) You can combine movements for rapid and unique trick combinations. Example: darting your drone to the right and immediately raising it into the sky.

3) This is also how you achieve fast 'pro' navigation and dart through the skies effortlessly.


1) Ready for the fun stuff? While your drone is in-air, press down on the finger button and swing your hand in a clockwise motion for a frontflip. To do a backflip, swing your hand in a counter-clockwise motion. This may take a few tries to get down.


1) While your drone is in air, spin your hand around in a clockwise motion like a helicopter blade. Counter-clockwise to go the opposite way.


The great thing about having so much control over your drone is you can go 'off the books' and combine multiple tricks to create an insane light show. Combine flips, spins, turns and more to find your own tricks. Discover a drone-jackknife, pencil dive and more by testing your talent.